How to lighten the Christmas Load

Christmas time can be an exciting and merry time of year – mainly for children age 15 and under. For the rest of the adult world, Christmas can be stressful, busy and anxiety driven to say the least. Given that we are approximately 7 weeks away from Christmas day, how do we begin to plan to lighten the Christmas load?

When it comes to reducing anxiety and stress in any situation, planning and organisation is key. Here are some tips to start putting into practice to ease the tension of Christmas 2019.

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Reporting asset disposals for CGT

As the ATO’s data-matching capabilities increase, they are paying close attention to capital gains made on shares, property and cryptocurrency.

Editor: Therefore, it’s important to let us know about any asset disposals (which can include an asset’s sale, loss or destruction) and to keep records relating to CGT events, including asset disposals, for at least five years after the year in which the event occurred (and maybe longer if you make a capital loss). Good records will also help to work out a capital gain or loss correctly.