How to pay off your debt in 2020

Want to know how to pay off your debt in 2020?As we enter into a New Year, it’s natural to make a list of the goals you want to achieve in 2020. These can range anywhere from lifestyle to financial aspirations. If you are wanting to smash your debt in 2020 – or at least make a dent – read on.

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The best superannuation fund for your situation

Do you know if you are with the best superannuation fund for your situation? Or have you been with your default super fund since you were 16? Many people don’t realise that the default superannuation fund they are a member of often isn’t necessarily the best optionfor them – and there is no obligation to the employer to offer you the best alternative.

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SMSs for SMSFs!

In the interests of protecting SMSF members and their retirement savings from fraud and misconduct, the ATO has announced it will send out an email and/or a text message via an SMS when changes (including updates to the SMSF financial details or member information) are made.

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How to lighten the Christmas Load

Christmas time can be an exciting and merry time of year – mainly for children age 15 and under. For the rest of the adult world, Christmas can be stressful, busy and anxiety driven to say the least. Given that we are approximately 7 weeks away from Christmas day, how do we begin to plan to lighten the Christmas load?

When it comes to reducing anxiety and stress in any situation, planning and organisation is key. Here are some tips to start putting into practice to ease the tension of Christmas 2019.

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