Home office claims are under scrutiny in 2018

The ATO will be increasing their attention on home office expense and ‘other work related expense claims come tax time next year after reports of approximately 6.7 million taxpayers claimed $7.9 billion in these deductions last year.

It was reported that this is due to a high number of questionable claims, mistakes and errors for home office expenses. The ATO have advised that they are putting measures in place to narrow down misleading and incorrect claims.

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Home office claims are under scrutiny in 2018 | Aspect Accountants Perth

The Key To A Successful Business

Keeping Your Small Business Organised

The key to a successful business regardless of the industry or profession, is to be organised. Paperwork can accumulate and your office space can become inundated with receipts, documents and files.

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The key to a successfull business | Bookkeeping Tips | Aspect Accountants

Easy changes to save $1000’s each year

Want some easy changes to save $1000’s each year?

Eating out, buying your morning coffee or purchasing something nice for yourself, are three common financial stresses we face every day. That’s not to say it’s a lot of money at the time, but by the end of the month it can add up to $100’s.

If you’re cringing every time you open your wallet or transfer money from one account to the other then it’s time to re-evaluate your spending. You’ll be surprised as to how these simple changes can save you $1000’s every year without effecting your everyday lifestyle. And no, we aren’t about to tell you to cut your daily coffee, unless you really want to.

Say goodbye to your money stresses as we have comprised a short list of the best money saving tips for 2018.

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Easy changes to save $1000’s each year | Aspect Accountants